Delta 9178-AR-DST Kitchen Sink Faucet Review

Probably, you’re looking for an in-depth review for the Delta 9178-AR-DST?

The kitchen renovation is a big challenge nowadays. To be honest, it’s an adventure that you probably work hard for a long time.

However, what seems to pose a challenge is when buying the fixtures. Among the installations that are challenging to acquire are kitchen faucets.

The hundreds of models are available right now, but most of the experts have recommended the delta 9178-AR-DST, for its specification, features, customer satisfaction, and affordability.

In today’s, article, I’m going to review and look at the specifications, features, customer stratification, and what experts say about the delta 9178-AR-DST model.

Delta 9178-AR-DST Kitchen Sink Faucet Review

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With the fact that there are many manufacturers nowadays and with the availability of many faucets made with different materials and colors, it can be hard to make a choice.

What I Liked

  • Universal fitting design
  • Customized DIAMOND Seal Technology
  • MagnaTite Docking Technology
  • Powerful ShieldSpray Technology
  • Easy installation design
  • Arctic stainless steel faucet

What I Didn’t Like

  • Might easily scratch if mishandled
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Delta 9178-AR-DST Sink Faucet Features

The Delta 9178-AR-DST is an incredible faucet for any kitchen, especially if you are not ready to branch out into today’s technology, such as the sense of motion.

If you need the majority of the expert features, the Delta 9178 AR-DST is the right choice for you.

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It has unique features that spawn it from the many competing products on the market, and it is from a known and reliable company.

Look at it, if you need a faucet that will keep you for a long time without any problems. Below are some of its unique features.

  • Design & Colors

This faucet arrives in a tea kettle design that does not sound that moving, but if you see it, you’ll long ago realize why it’s so beguiling. To be honest, one could say that it has a “ratty chic” look. 

The manufacturer also considered flexibility in this model, and you can look over five colors.

  • Material

It comes in great tempered steel, champagne, chrome steel, and Venetian bronze. Most color gives this faucet a stylish look, and it means that you will not be left outside when looking for style.

  • Arc Spout

The 9178-AR-DST accompanies a high arc spout, which can be swiveled 360 degrees for simplicity. Since there is only a single button to make the switch from hot to cold,

It is straightforward, and changing the current is precise because of the internal technology that is used.

You can switch from a flood to a shower without much change; the producer has included a very smart touch regarding the Splash system.

The spray bar has an attractive element. This means that every time it retires, it is set up without a problem.

  • Installation

To set up this unit might require help from another person but for those of you with a touch of DIY plumbing knowledge you should have the ability to handle it, and you can see over a shield plate for three opening devices or a gap.

  • Temp Sense Technology

Temp Sense technology allows you to discover the temperature of the water from the faucet. There is a shading marker, which indicates the temperature of the water.

It changes the shading according to the water temperature. Red means “hot” and blue means “cool.”

This marker is placed at the base of the kitchen faucet. This keeps you from consuming your hands as you put under a flood of heated water to a great extent.

  • Diamond Seal Technology

Diamond Seal technology makes every piece of this faucet extremely strong and powerful. You can use the 9178-AR-DST up to 5 million times. This is a trademark of Delta fittings.

Fortunately, the shower and power modes use a toggle switch with the aim that, if you occasionally control the faucet, it will remember which mode you used previously.

Switching between the modes is easy and does not require different buttons. Using the lever can does a little bit to acclimate in adjusting the water quality, and there will probably be some sprinkling most of the time.

Finding out how to change the quality of the lever or figure out how tricky it is is a good idea in the main month after the purchase.

Final Words

Generally, I think that this is one of the most attractive fixtures available and you can bring your own “stamp” regarding style in your kitchen.

It was backed with Diamond Seal technology, so rusting will never be an issue, and it also accompanies a limited lifetime warranty.

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